Smart materials, but not as we know it!

Did you know that products and materials that you can find on the high street were originally designed for use in space?The technology behind cordless handheld vacuum cleaners was inspired from the battery operated drills used to extract samples from the moon’s surface. If you’ve ever used an infrared ear thermometer, you have used technology...

Robin and Lucienne Day, British designers who changed the landscape of furniture and furnishings

This month, we take a look at two designers who shaped post war Britain with mass manufactured designs that brought innovative and affordable design to the British public.   Working on back to back drawing boards, but working independently, Robin Day OBE and his wife Lucienne Day shared the spirit of optimism that ran through...


Design ideas for World Book Day

On 3 March 2016, schools across the world will be celebrating World Book Day.A good designer can make the difference between a book going completely unnoticed or finding its way to the top of the best seller list. What is it about the cover of a book that makes you want to pick it off a shelf and read it?Chip Kidd is a graphic designer in New York...


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