STEM Ambassadors: keeping Rail Week on track

With a huge shortage of young people seeing engineering as a career choice for them, Network Rail is passionate about promoting it as something that will open a world of possibility for them in the future.In my role as Project Leader at Network Rail, I am fortunate enough to be involved in the Government-led ‘Year of Engineering’ campaign.This has...


Achieving good practical science through extended projects

Last year the Gatsby Charitable Foundation launched Good Practical Science, a new report outlining ten benchmarks for secondary schools to transform practical science education in England.The report, led by Sir John Holman, a chemist, former headteacher and senior advisor to the Foundation, provides recommendations to help schools achieve world-...


What does good technical support look like in a science department?

Some schools and colleges may believe that delivering good technical support to the science department is purely supplementary: technicians ensure teachers have all the equipment that they need, know exactly what they're going to do with it and feel confident that they know the experiment they're going to carry out is going to work. At The Magna...


Access to Higher Education: a story of success in STEM

I work for Coventry University Scarborough as a tutor in health and human sciences. Our course is an Access to Higher Education route that, upon completion, will lead students onto a health or science-based degree at university.My role involves all aspects of teaching for the course, including human biology and the cardiovascular system. We...


How do you solve a problem like girls in physics?

Three years ago my colleagues and I sat down to discuss how we could, in our own small way, help to tackle the problem of a low uptake of A level physics by girls. The result was a termly event called Girls in Physics.The aim of this evening event is to create a space for girls to network with each other, to meet students with similar interests,...


Inspiring the next generation of pathologists

I work for the NHS in Oral Pathology and Microbiology at the University Dental Hospital in Cardiff. We work very closely with the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University and, because of the resources, research, teaching and service we provide, it makes us the only one of its kind in Wales.I’m an Associate Practitioner and my role involves...


Educating the next generation: my STEM Ambassador experience

I have been a STEM Ambassador for over twenty five years and have enjoyed every single minute of it. In 2017, I was awarded and MBE for my outreach work, which was a huge shock and surprise to me. Even though I have retired from fulltime employment, it does not mean that my passion for engaging with school pupils and others has stopped;...


How to land science’s most extreme and unusual roles

The great thing about the various branches of science is the sheer number of fields from which to delve into. From biological study and formal logic to any number of natural phenomena, there’s an incredible breadth and depth to scientific subjects.Naturally then, there’s a whole host of jobs and occupations that go beyond the walls of the...


Bringing science to life in your primary classroom

If you were asked to name a scientist or an engineer who would you name?Would it be someone who you commonly see on TV such as Sir David Attenborough or Professor Brian Cox? Or would you reach into history and call on Issac Newton, Marie Curie or Albert Einstein?These scientists helped us to understand more about the world we live in, but what...


The most cataclysmic event in one afternoon

How do you incorporate the complete story of the Big Bang and other galactic phenomena into your key stage 4 and 5 lessons?The trick is to draw on the expert experience and amazing resources of the University of Hertfordshire at the Bayfordbury Observatory. This is where a group of teachers visited as part of a CPD activity on Astrophysics.The...



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