Leaders of mathematics: why CPD is invaluable

We spoke to Elliott Wade, Lead teacher of Maths at Leeds City Academy, who has participated in multiple courses here at the National STEM Learning Centre about his experience learning valuable new skills on our ‘New and aspiring leaders of mathematics’ CPD course. Here’s what he had to say:I was first given information about the New and...


Enriching mathematics with the wonder of engineering

A career in engineering is exciting, rewarding and highly creative. Yet there is a big shortage of young people that think it could be a job for them.The Year of Engineering, and its legacy campaign "Engineering: Taking a closer look", aim to celebrate the world and wonder of engineering. It forms an important part of the UK...

Top 10 most popular secondary mathematics resources of 2017

Here at STEM Learning, we’ve been looking at the most popular secondary mathematics resources hosted on our site, as decided by UK-based teachers.We are excited to reveal, in a true ‘Top of the Pops’ style, a run-down of the top ten of our most downloaded resource collections of 2017.Number 10: SubtangentThe Subtangent website included...


Core Maths: the most significant development in post-16 mathematics education in a generation

Agreeing to support the work of Core Maths is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been, and continues to be, a huge privilege to support Core Maths and the many wonderful practitioners I have met along the way.But for me, this is only the end of the beginning with so much more support needed for Core Maths.Back in January 2014, I...


Get the support you need to teach the new A level mathematics curriculum

In September 2017, hot on the heels of the new GCSE, changes to the mathematics A level specifications came into effect.In the new A level, all students are required to study Pure mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. In addition, three overarching themes of Mathematical Argument and Proof, Problem Solving, and Mathematical Modelling must be...


Teaching A level mathematics: generating discussions and increasing confidence

Teaching A level mathematics can be difficult, especially when you have little experience of teaching the subject. We chatted to Alex Cameron, a teacher at Bentley Wood High School in Harrow, who explains the impact that our New to teaching A level mathematics summer school has had on him and his students.Tell us a bit about yourself – where...


How to build confidence as a mathematics NQT

For many teachers, their year as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) is the most challenging of their career. For some, their first teaching role represents their first ‘real’ full-time job. Others, with more experience outside of teaching, can still struggle with the intensive workload of their new role in the classroom.In my first year of teaching,...


“When will I ever need to use maths?”

It is the clichéd question every mathematics teacher dreads. In my own teaching I usually answer in a variety of ways, often alluding to the skills required in the world of work. Apart from my own role as a teacher of mathematics, I could usually think of a few examples but soon ran dry of other career choices which used the specific topic at...


What do your A level mathematics lessons look like?

When studying for my A levels, especially in mathematics, lessons usually followed a set routine. New information and examples were written up on the board to be copied down, then using the methods presented at the beginning of the lesson, the class set about attempting to solve a series of similar problems from the textbook. Often, this...


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