Inspiring tomorrow's engineers today

Who are tomorrow's engineers? I'd argue that every single student in your classroom could be an engineer.Typically, if you ask someone what an 'engineer' is they will reply with one or more of the following descriptors: introverted, nerdy, clever, fixes things, problem solver, dirty, mechanic, overalls, hard hat. And they work on cars, planes,...


From apprentice to Automation Technician: my experience of STEM in the workplace

Liam is an Automation Technician at GSK and works at a manufacturing site in Montrose, Scotland. Here he explains the benefits of apprenticeships, why he became a STEM Ambassador and how he got involved with the ENTHUSE Partnerships programme.Tell us about your apprenticeship and the benefits it has presented My apprenticeship stemmed from...


Volunteering for change: why I became a STEM Ambassador

The opportunity came up for me to introduce the STEM Ambassador programme into my organisation and I really wanted to get involved.Having spent the large majority of my career working in engineering and IT, I knew only too well the challenges the sectors faced to encourage the next generation of engineers and IT professionals. However, not coming...


What has engineering got to do with computing?

Engineering offers different ways of learning in computing, from problem-solving techniques to systems for managing code development. There are also many, many routes into engineering and technical careers open to students interested in computing.Britain needs engineers. With around 25% of GDP being generated in engineering, it is vital to the...


Engineering through the generations: Amy’s story

Amy Jones is an Apprentice Engineer at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). She shares her reasons for entering the sector and the importance of raising awareness of women in engineering.What inspired you to do engineering?My inspiration is my great-grandfather, who was a toolmaker during the Second World War, and my grandad, who was an...


Inspiring the next generation of pathologists

I work for the NHS in Oral Pathology and Microbiology at the University Dental Hospital in Cardiff. We work very closely with the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University and, because of the resources, research, teaching and service we provide, it makes us the only one of its kind in Wales.I’m an Associate Practitioner and my role involves...


Let’s all play our part

On International Women in Engineering Day, it’s my wish that – by 2028 there is no need for such a day at all. By then I hope that women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers are accepted as so unremarkable that this can stop being an issue at all.We will all know when we have achieved this. It will be the day...


Variety and diversity: why I chose a career in engineering

Abigail Jones is an Apprentice Engineering Technician at Port of Southampton and began her training in 2017 at the age of 17. In the build-up to International Women in Engineering Day, we chatted to Abigail about her experiences.After completing my GCSEs at Noadswood School in Southampton in June 2017, I began considering different paths that...


Government’s post-16 skills plan: educational reforms that have created T levels

Technical level qualifications or ‘T levels’ are new technical study programmes that will sit alongside apprenticeships within a reformed skills training system. A levels are not classed as technical qualifications and, therefore, are not affected by the reforms.What are T levels?The reforms are at the heart of a skills partnership between...


Why choose an engineering degree apprenticeship?

Traditionally, a university degree was viewed as the optimum route into an engineering career. However, many students are now looking into other options. One alternative is a degree apprenticeship.Apprenticeships have been used in engineering within the UK for hundreds of years, although they declined in popularity during the 1960s to 1980s....



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