What has engineering got to do with computing?

Engineering offers different ways of learning in computing, from problem-solving techniques to systems for managing code development. There are also many, many routes into engineering and technical careers open to students interested in computing.Britain needs engineers. With around 25% of GDP being generated in engineering, it is vital to the...


Engineering through the generations: Amy’s story

Amy Jones is an Apprentice Engineer at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). She shares her reasons for entering the sector and the importance of raising awareness of women in engineering.What inspired you to do engineering?My inspiration is my great-grandfather, who was a toolmaker during the Second World War, and my grandad, who was an...


Let’s all play our part

On International Women in Engineering Day, it’s my wish that – by 2028 there is no need for such a day at all. By then I hope that women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers are accepted as so unremarkable that this can stop being an issue at all.We will all know when we have achieved this. It will be the day...


Variety and diversity: why I chose a career in engineering

Abigail Jones is an Apprentice Engineering Technician at Port of Southampton and began her training in 2017 at the age of 17. In the build-up to International Women in Engineering Day, we chatted to Abigail about her experiences.After completing my GCSEs at Noadswood School in Southampton in June 2017, I began considering different paths that...


Why choose an engineering degree apprenticeship?

Traditionally, a university degree was viewed as the optimum route into an engineering career. However, many students are now looking into other options. One alternative is a degree apprenticeship.Apprenticeships have been used in engineering within the UK for hundreds of years, although they declined in popularity during the 1960s to 1980s....


Do your kids invent stuff?

You don’t need to spend long in a primary school classroom to know that kids are creative, have great imaginations and make fantastic problem solvers. It's something that should be celebrated, cultivated and is a vital part of any STEM career. As adults, we are often inclined to focus on the barriers to new ideas; why something can’t be done...

Enriching mathematics with the wonder of engineering

A career in engineering is exciting, rewarding and highly creative. Yet there is a big shortage of young people that think it could be a job for them.The Year of Engineering aims to celebrate the world and wonder of engineering. It forms an important part of the UK Industrial Strategy, which is committed to boosting engineering across the country...


Engineering super heroes

Next time you’re ill, would you like to see a doctor or an engineer?Of course, this seems like a daft question. You want to see a doctor, right? A doctor will have trained for many years to diagnose and treat the full range of human ailments whilst the engineer might, at best, have done a first aid course. Doctors make people better; engineers put...


Why improving gender diversity in STEM should be a priority

Currently, the UK has the lowest proportion of women in engineering of any European country, with females accounting for just 10% of roles and 14% of engineering university places.As part of this small cohort of female engineers, it seems as if thousands of skilled, innovative and talented women aren’t even considering engineering as a career....


Engineers hold the key to your future prosperity

The fact that the UK has low productivity compared to its competitors is well known and a source of national embarrassment. Low productivity per worker means less GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and lower incomes – when you are lying on a beach next summer, the German lying next to will be able to afford more beer.There are many reasons for low...



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