My STEM inspiration: flying the flag for the aviation industry

Kate McWilliams is a finalist in the Outstanding New STEM Ambassador category at the 2018 STEM Inspiration Awards.Kate has become a STEM Ambassador in the past year and has undertaken numerous activities to support learning in STEM subjects and careers. In the lead up to the awards ceremony on 1 November 2018, she tells us about her work and what...


Our STEM inspiration: to positively impact our community

Web Applications UK tell us about how they want to encourage young people to be more involved in STEM subjects and how excited they are to be shortlisted for the STEM Inspiration Awards 2018.We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the STEM Employer Award – Small/Medium Enterprises for STEM Learning UK. In our...


Immersive experiences to inspire the classroom

When I became Head of Biology I was surprised at how few medical students we were producing. I investigated the situation and it appeared that very few of our most able students were applying for medicine in the first place.Looking further it seemed that students were either not well enough informed, or not confident in putting themselves up for...


My STEM inspiration: encourage pupils to pursue their desired career

Harry Beedham is one of our shortlisted nominees for Outstanding New STEM Ambassador as part of the STEM Inspiration Awards 2018. He tells us about his inspiring work with young people.Since August 2017, I have been working as a Graduate Structural Engineer in Exeter for AECOM. To put it simply, my job is to design anything which can be “built”....


T Levels - the new qualification you need to know about!

In May, the Department for Education took another step closer to launching a new ‘gold standard’ technical qualification. Here is everything you need to know about T Levels.From 2020, schoolchildren will have another option open to them when they finish their GCSEs. T Levels promise to give young people a high-quality, technical alternative to A...


My STEM Inspiration: helping young people realise their potential

Kev Stannard has recently been shortlisted for the Outstanding STEM Ambassador award as part of the STEM Inspiration Awards 2018. He tells us about his experience of working with young people and how much being nominated means to him.I have been a member of the Royal Air Force for over 20 years, working all over the world. My job involves...


Raising the profile of primary STEM education

Sarah Eames of Sandfield Close Primary School in Leicester, which received the 2017 ENTHUSE Award for STEM Primary School of the Year, talks about what they’re doing to inspire pupils, teachers and other schools to excel in STEM subjects.Congratulations on the award – what impact did it have?Thank you! I’ve had lots more meetings after school –...


Science Capital: a primary perspective

At Willow Brook Primary School, we have been on a mission to raise the Science Capital of our pupils.The Science Capital concept was first developed in the ASPIRES project – a longitudinal study tracking how young people develop their science and career aspirations from the age of 10.Many experts have talked about the “secondary slump” and the...


The challenges of bringing technology into the classroom

Since September 2016, I’ve visited over 200 primary schools across the country. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with thousands of teachers and a large proportion of these conversations were associated with technology for the classroom.On the whole, schools and colleges are extremely positive about the impact that technology can have on student...


Volunteering for change: why I became a STEM Ambassador

The opportunity came up for me to introduce the STEM Ambassador programme into my organisation and I really wanted to get involved.Having spent the large majority of my career working in engineering and IT, I knew only too well the challenges the sectors faced to encourage the next generation of engineers and IT professionals. However, not coming...



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