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Valentine’s Day science lesson planning Ideas

Published: Feb 9, 2011 2 min read

STEM learning

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, no doubt many of you will be looking for ideas to link your class activity with a day that may be on many of your students' minds.  Valentine science lesson idea

In our video, Mark Langley, one of the Professional Development Leaders at the National Science Learning Centre demonstrates how to make soft-centred chocolates, using enzymes, which if created in a food safe environment, using food materials and following a scrupulous hygiene regime, can be eaten or given to loved ones.

This activity is a useful way to bring vocational science ideas into the classroom, and is a good demonstration of how science is applied in the real world – in this instance how Creme Eggs get their soft gooey centre.

If you have enjoyed this demonstration and are interested in learning about other ways and methods of delivering vocational science in your class activities, the network of Science Learning Centres has a range of vocational science courses going on across the country, including the Experienced Technicians Programme: Vocational Science.

Do you have any other Valentine’s Day science activities you’d like to share?  How did they go?  How have you applied them?  Let us know and we can share them with others.