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Published: Jan 19, 2015 1 min read

STEM learning

This is an inspiring result coming out of Jo’s hard work and enthusiasm, as well as the support of the Teacher and Industry Partnership Scheme (TIPS). Well done Jo!

Redmoor STEM

Further to the post on Sept 13th (ENGAGE- ENJOY- ENGINEER: INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION) I thought I’d provide an update to let you all know how we had got on; I think, in short, this photo says it all.

Yes…at the end of December we found out that they had all been accepted as members of the Institution of Secondary Engineers and seeing them receiving their certificates has to be one of those proud “THIS is why I do it ” teacher moments. As Ian Harcombe (one of the other teachers supporting the course) put it “we did that”….absolutely; It says it all!

You might be wondering how it all panned out in the end, and I genuinely hope other schools do get in touch and consider delivering a similar course – the response from pupils, parents, engineers, STEM leaders has been unanimously positive.

“I believe that anything that…

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