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The National STEM Centre – big in Uganda!

Published: Sep 10, 2013 1 min read

Stephen Lyon

Mathematics Lead

National STEM Learning Centre

Not only are the resources on the National STEM Centre eLibrary being used more and more to support the teaching of STEM subjects across the UK - the materials are also being used as far afield as Uganda!

We were recently contacted by Barbara Ball, author of the Taskmaths series of books, who told of work that was taking place at the National Curriculum Development Centre in Kyambogo, Kampala where teachers are using one of the books in the series in training sessions. However, when the whole series of books was found on the National STEM Centre eLibrary, “joy was unbounded”!

Visit the eLibrary and discover the wealth of free resources available to support the teaching and learning of STEM subjects. Also take a look at the resources available to inform teachers and students of the career opportunities afforded by studying STEM subjects.