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Education recovery: accessing the help available

Published: Mar 8, 2021 3 min read

Wayne Jarvis

Senior Network Educational Lead

As schools and colleges return to face to face teaching after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, senior leaders all around the country are developing education recovery strategies to help pupils reinforce previous foundations of learning and build on that in the most effective way possible. In this article, we signpost a number of enablers for this process.

STEM Learning education recovery support packages


We have leveraged our high-quality science education expertise to develop a powerful integrated support package for you. These carefully curated collections, for primary, secondary and post-16 phases, each cover seven educational domains which we consider to be the features of great science teaching. We also offer targeted materials on areas such as SEND, supporting disadvantaged students, and tutoring. 



We have also undertaken parallel work for mathematics, drawing on the eight principles of good mathematics teaching outlined in the Improving Learning in Mathematics Standards. We signpost resources from our own collection and those of partner organisations who are also supporting education recovery, such as NCETM and AMSP. 


Pupil premium funding

A substantial body of evidence, including from the EEF and Ofsted, tells us that great teaching needs to be at the heart of any education recovery strategy. Without that solid foundation, any education recovery intervention will prove less effective. Using some of your pupil premium funding to access high quality, external, subject-specific CPD in response to an identified need for an individual or team offers a high impact return on what is a modest financial investment. Our education recovery support packages above include some great CPD ideas.


Science Learning Partnerships

Schools and colleges are likely to be looking for local experts to help at this time, and our network of Science Learning Partnerships (SLPs) stands ready to support your schools and colleges with CPD, school-to-school guidance and networking opportunities. Tap into their experience and cutting-edge expertise.


Summer schools

Schools may be considering the development of summer schools to deepen and strengthen the core of scientific understanding essential to students’ future success, especially those who are growing up in disadvantaged circumstances. We have good experience from summer schools we designed and delivered last summer, and can offer you a range of guidance and support for your school or college. 

Get in touch with us at enquiries@stem.org.uk


National Tutoring Programme

We can offer tutors that you are working with a range of CPD interventions and resources support. We can also upskill technicians, teaching assistants and others without formal teaching qualifications to support pupils through our subject-specific CPD and resources.