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A year of partnerships and growth: new impact report released

Published: Jul 5, 2019 1 min read

STEM learning

Our mission is to improve lives through education, to ensure that every young person across the UK can access the world-leading STEM education they deserve.

Partnership is fundamental to how we work at STEM Learning – openness to collaboration has enabled us to grow. The past year has seen extraordinary growth made possible by working with an ever-expanding range of partners and supporters.

Our new report showcases the positive impact that our work is having, benefitting teachers, educators, employers, STEM Ambassadors and young people across the country.

However, there is still more to do. We want every young person to feel confident in STEM, regardless of where they live, their family background, gender or ethnic identity. STEM can be, and should be, for all.

We are challenging ourselves to address all of these issues, but these are huge tasks that can only be tackled in collaboration with others. This is why we are actively seeking partners, sharing evidence and ideas to develop and implement solutions. 

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