Wellcome’s latest report highlights current state of UK primary science education

Wellcome has published a new report which explores the nature of primary science delivery across the UK.

Commissioned by Wellcome and carried out by CFE Research with the University of Manchester, the report looks into science leaders, teachers and pupils’ opinions of science.

This report has been released prior to Wellcome’s UK-wide primary science campaign, which is due to launch this term. 

What did the research find?

Teachers and science leaders’ opinions of science
  • 82% of science leaders strongly agree that it is important for pupils to study science, with 50% strongly agreeing that the skills taught in science are transferrable
  • 73% strongly agree or agree that their science leader is available to coach or mentor them in teaching science
Pupils’ opinions of science
  • 44% of pupils like science ‘a lot’, and 41% ‘like it’
  • 93% of pupils ‘agree a lot’ or ‘agree’ that they like to understand how things work, whilst 87% find science interesting and 81% like to find the answers to questions themselves
  • 30% of pupils report a science-related job when asked what they would like to be when they grow up

This research is just the start for Wellcome – the vision for their primary science campaign is that all pupils will receive an exciting, inspiring and relevant science education at primary school that leaves them well-prepared to progress further in science.

A key part of the campaign is Explorify, a free resource which has been designed to stimulate curiosity, discussion and debate and will support teachers to encourage children to think like scientists.

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