Teaching sentence structure? Try making your own grammar video!

Whether you are a budding Steven Spielberg, or a complete beginner with the camera, sentence filming is a great way of using film for teaching grammar in an engaging way.

The concept?

Choose which aspect of grammar you are going to work on, for example relative clauses, create your sentence and draw its meaning in two frames (I.e. create a storyboard), then get out the camera and film it!

This resource from Curriculum Innovation shows an example of how you might lay this out on paper.

Once you have your video, you can use an app like iMovie to edit the footage and as an extension activity, add commentary. This video guide gives you instructions on what a relative clause video looks like and how to edit the footage in iMovie.

Although this is using film to support English lessons, the technique can be used in lots of other subjects. For example, why not use iMovie in science to describe the results and conclusion in an investigation?

If you would like to know more about using film to support primary literacy, why not attend a two day CPD activity in December at the National STEM Learning Centre? 

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