Teacher CPD – which ‘type’ is most appropriate for you?

An evaluation of MEI’s wide-ranging CPD provision, presenters Stephen Lee and Bernard Murphy from MEI join us at our Using STEM research conference on 20-21 May 2016. Confused about which CPD to go for? This talk is the one for you!

Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) is an independent charity, committed to improving mathematics education. MEI has historically been known for its work in 14-19 curriculum development. However, recently, MEI has also built a reputation for providing an extensive range of high quality professional development for teachers.

Annually, MEI delivers in excess of 5000 teacher days of CPD. The CPD offer is wide-ranging, including: year-long courses, often in conjunction with universities, online courses with sessions spread over several weeks, one to two and four day courses, and sessions at a large annual conference. These courses may consist of subject knowledge, pedagogy, use of technology and/or targeting skills to develop future leaders of professional development.   

This presentation seeks to consider the topic of evaluating different types of CPD provision. Its overarching research question was to consider just which type of CPD is most appropriate for particular teacher/department/school situations. Various analyses have been done into single types of provision offered by MEI; here they are brought together to provide guiding principles of the benefits and disadvantages of various types of CPD.


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