See how teachers, universities and employers can come together to improve STEM education

STEM Insight provides teachers with a unique opportunity to experience life in cutting-edge industry or university.

It’s the chance to go on a placement to learn about jobs and career paths, ensuring students have access to the best possible STEM careers information. This is a core part of the Government’s new policy paper, ‘Careers strategy: making the most of everyone’s skills and talents’.

“The point in STEM Insight is to give students in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges the awareness of what’s out there and the confidence to know that they have a place in STEM industries and STEM further study” - STEM Insight Education Lead, Gemma Taylor, STEM Learning

Attend a STEM Insight placement

Teachers are one of the most important sources of career information for young people, but many feel they lack sufficient knowledge to play this role.

Described as professionally life-changing, attending a placement has a tremendous positive impact on teachers, pupils and schools or colleges - increasing enthusiasm, motivation and confidence to offer advice and guidance on potential STEM career choices.

“It’s a very rewarding experience, I think it will affect your teaching for years to come in a really positive way” - Anthony Jackson, STEM Insight participant at University of Exeter

If you’re interested in attending a STEM Insight placement, take a look at our new video highlighting all the benefits to you, your school or college and your pupils.

Host a STEM Insight placement

Employers and universities can also get involved in STEM Insight by offering placements. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with the future students of STEM study by ensuring their teachers are knowledgeable about what is out there and how to properly guide their students.

There are already several leading companies and universities that offer STEM Insight placements, why not join their ranks at the forefront of education by hosting a placement yourself?

“Don’t hesitate… it’s really simple and straight-forward to do, it doesn’t take an awful lot of time and effort, but the return on your investment is immense.” - Mark Wakefield, STEM Insight host at IBM

Take a look at our video to see all the benefits of participating in STEM Insight.

Hosting a placement is simple, it just takes a small amount of information to set the wheels in motion! Please fill out this form pledge to host a placement and email it to

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