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Science in schools: create a buzz and inspire young people

Published: Mar 27, 2019 3 min read

STEM learning


Create a buzz about science at your school with explosive shows from the Royal Institution (Ri).

As the largest national provider of school science shows in the UK, the Ri has created a bespoke Science in Schools package, which:

  • adds to the curriculum and enhances science education, through one or two shows for pupils
  • helps build teaching skills and meets mandatory CPD requirements, through training for teachers
  • generates support for science in the home and has fundraising potential, through an evening show for families


Science in Schools presenters say that when they enter a packed school hall, you can sense the children’s excitement and anticipation. It’s a break from the normal routine and a chance to enjoy a fun and explosive introduction to the power of science. It’s not every day they see ‘the man or woman from the Ri’ blow things up in the school hall.

You can choose one or two different shows, with the highlights combined in an evening show for families and the wider community:

Feel the power

Learn how electricity works and take part in some of the earliest historical demonstrations of how its power is harnessed, developed by two of the Ri’s most famous scientists – Michael Faraday and Humphry Davy. This electrifying show ranges from explanations of static electricity to the modern day use of generators and how magnetism and electricity work together.

Explosive Food

Engage all your senses as we learn about the incredible amount of energy packed into the food that drives our bodies.

All shows are jam-packed with experiments, explosions and hands-on participation. They can be tailored to suit primary or secondary school audiences.

Community shows

A community show in the evening is a great opportunity to engage parents in their children’s science education; which is beneficial as support for science in the home is a strong factor in children continuing with science in the later stages of school.

A community show can be a repeat of the show seen by children during the day or a mix of our two show options. Many schools charge a small admission to the evening community show for parents, covering costs and even making a surplus to spend on other things the school needs.

Prices and booking

  • Price for one show, one CPD session and one community show: £650 +VAT
  • Price for two shows, one CPD session and one community show: £750 +VAT

Contact schools@ri.ac.uk for more information or to book an inspirational show for your children.