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Robotics industry resources: STEM Ambassador request for help

Published: Dec 17, 2019 2 min read

STEM learning


We are creating a new Robotics area in our Resource Centre at the National STEM Learning Centre in York. This will include a competition field, teaching kits and learning resources, as well as three large posters designed to inspire and inform teachers and students about the use of robotics. 

One of the posters will display information about careers in robotics industries and our resources team would like STEM Ambassadors to help them create this. The poster will present stories from real engineers, designers, technicians or anyone working with robotics today so we would love to showcase career examples from different sectors such as earth science, sub-sea, air, space... or anywhere else using robotics!

To support us, please answer the questions below and send your responses to resources@stem.org.uk by Friday 17 January 2020. Your answers don’t need to be long, just a sentence or two, enough to give an overview of your job and why you love it. If possible, please send us a professional photograph as well, though this is not mandatory. 

Job title:
I trained as a/I studied/I worked with:
A typical day includes:
What I enjoy most about my job:
What's the best thing about working in the robotics industry?
Advice for those wanting to work in the robotics industry:

(Information supplied will likely be paraphrased, shortened or quoted from, in order to fit our available space).

We will choose several responses from the replies by 31 January 2020, to be added to our poster and we will be in touch if you have made it onto our Robotics Wall.