New report highlights positive impact ENTHUSE Partnerships have on pupils

An independent evaluation of ENTHUSE Partnerships has recently been completed by the respected Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE).

ENTHUSE Partnership funding enables groups of four to eight schools and colleges to work together, with support from STEM Learning, on a two-year intensive programme to raise students’ aspiration and achievement in STEM subjects.

Each partnership can access up to £15,000 worth of support, including face-to-face CPD, in-school consultancy and a contribution towards cover costs.

As a result of activities made possible by the ENTHUSE Partnerships, CUREE found:

  • 96% of school leaders and 84% of teachers agreed that involvement in the ENTHUSE Partnership had positively impacted pupils’ attainment in STEM subjects.
  • all school leaders and 90% of teachers reported that pupils’ engagement and interest in STEM subjects had increased.
  • 52% of school leaders and 56% of teachers reported that pupils were more aware of career paths made possible through the study of STEM subjects, with 68% and 58% respectively finding that pupils’ understanding of the value of STEM subjects in business and industry had improved.

The research has found strong evidence of the positive impact on schools’ teaching practice through their participation in the ENTHUSE Partnership, including increased confidence and skills in practical science.

Through the work made possible by ENTHUSE Partnerships, many schools have been able to secure a range of funding, including sponsorship and donations from local businesses, helping to build sustainability. The success of partnership activities and the increased profile of science has helped head teachers to see the value of investing in science beyond the partnership period.

Crucially, 82% of partnership leaders reported that involvement in the programme has increased their enthusiasm for STEM subjects and inspired them to remain in teaching, with 58% of teachers reporting the same. This is an important finding, particularly in light of current concerns over teacher retention in all areas, but specifically in STEM.

Included in the report are three case studies from schools and colleges that have been involved with ENTHUSE Partnerships. These case studies give examples of inspiring and exciting practice to illustrate how ENTHUSE Partnerships can encourage more schools and colleges to get involved.

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