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Great Science Share for Schools 2019!

Published: Apr 18, 2019 2 min read

STEM learning

Take part in this national campaign that encourages young people to share their scientific questions and investigations, bringing together schools, STEM educators and industry to support them!

It’s free and easy – all you need to do is create an opportunity for young people to share their curiosity about science they care about.

How? A Great Science Share for Schools event can be done in an assembly, lesson, science fair or a collaborative event with family, friends and the local community! You can read our ABC guide for running a Great Science Share. 

The campaign culminates in a campaign day on 18 June 2019. On this day children all around the country (and beyond – Brazil, India and Nigeria) lead science investigations based on their questions, at events organised in schools, universities, museums and cultural settings.

This year we have almost 400 events around the country taking place, involving more than 55,000 young people.

Other ways to join in!

  1. Take part in the GSSfS Twitter Chat on 29 April 2019, 8-9pm in collaboration with Primary Rocks & Twinkl. Follow @GreatSciShare for more information.
  2. Work in STEM? We’re trying to capture the diversity of people working in STEM through #AskAQuestion. Why not share your journey into STEM by answering these questions and sending us a short video… or complete this quick survey and send through a photo of yourself to the GSSfS team.

If you require any advice or support for your Great Science Share, please get in touch: 

Email: greatscishare@manchester.ac.uk   
Telephone: 0161 306 3991