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STEM Learning and DeepMind to boost AI skills and career pathway for young people

Published: Sep 26, 2022 3 min read


STEM Learning have teamed up with leading artificial intelligence company DeepMind to support young people’s awareness and skills around Artificial Intelligence (AI) by offering vital financial and volunteering support.

DeepMind’s financial contribution will support the creation and delivery of eight ENTHUSE Partnerships across the UK. These Partnerships, run by STEM Learning through Project ENTHUSE, bring schools and colleges together to develop an intensive two-year programme to raise aspiration and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Each Partnership is made up of a group of 6-10 schools and colleges, providing access to CPD, free resources, immersion in industry or university through teacher placements, STEM Ambassadors and enrichment activities. DeepMind colleagues will be encouraged and supported to become volunteer STEM Ambassadors to inspire young people in classrooms, and There will be a significant focus on state schools and students from underrepresented groups.

DeepMind - which has its headquarters in the UK - is an artificial intelligence company committed to solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity. Its team of scientists,, engineers and ethicists work together to pioneer the development of responsible AI. 

The company’s breakthroughs include AlphaGo, the first computer programme to defeat a professional human Go player – and AlphaFold, a system that can accurately predict 3D models of protein structures and that is accelerating research in every field of biology. 

Research shows that high quality teaching has a greater impact than any other factor on young people’s engagement, enjoyment and attainment in science, technology, engineering and maths, and whether they pursue further STEM studies and careers. This means the funding is vital to allow STEM teachers to attend CPD.

Obum Ekeke OBE, Head of Education Partnerships at DeepMind, said: “We have a long-term vision to support the next generation of AI creators, ensuring they truly represent the wider world. This vision starts with education. By focusing on education at an early age and making science and AI feel relevant and accessible to all, there’s an opportunity to help break down the barriers that are leading to underrepresentation in this field. 

“Our hope is that this education programme can help instil confidence in the next generation of students and eventually play a part in creating an inclusive and accessible global AI ecosystem.”

Yvonne Baker OBE, Chief Executive of STEM Learning, said: “We are very excited as this is the first time we have partnered with an AI company, and it is a partnership which will have many tangible long-term benefits for the participating schools, teachers, young people and their communities. 

“AI is a sector which impacts all of us and will only continue to grow in the future, and we are hugely looking forward to seeing many positive outcomes.”

STEM Learning’s vision is for a world-leading STEM education for all young people, with a particular focus on those from disadvantaged communities, who may need extra support. This is particularly crucial after the Covid pandemic which has increased the attainment gap further.

STEM Learning is always looking to work with new partners to improve STEM education in the UK. If you are interested in finding out more, please email employers@stem.org.uk