CERN plans to build an even larger hadron collider

CERN has recently published its ideas for a £20bn successor to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), given the working name of Future Circular Collider (FCC).

The Geneva based particle physics research centre is proposing to dig a new tunnel under CERN with a 100km ring that is almost ten times more powerful than the LHC, hunting for new sub-atomic particles by 2050.

When physicists first proposed the construction of the LHC they knew that if the Standard Model was correct it would be capable of discovering the Higgs, which it did in 2012.

But observations by astronomers indicated that there was more to the Universe than could be explained by the Standard Model. Galaxies are rotating faster than they should be and the expansion of the Universe is accelerating rather than slowing down. On top of that, the Standard Model cannot explain gravity.

Uncovering them would provide physicists with their much sought after theory of everything, one that would tie together all the forces of nature and unify the twin pillars on which modern physics rests: general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Want to know more about CERN and how it can be linked to your teaching?

We host a unique study visit for UK science teachers to visit CERN and tour the facilities with leading scientists and engineers who work there. Discover how the cutting-edge research performed at CERN links back to your classroom and can be used to support learning, engage students and inspire careers discussions.

STEM Inspiration Award winners head to CERN

The 2018 winners of the STEM Inspiration Awards have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the CERN facilities in Geneva, kindly funding by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). The winners - a mixture of STEM Ambassadors, technicians, employers and students from STEM Clubs - will be heading off at the end of January to discover all there is to know about CERN.

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