Celebrating success: GCSE results announced

Today, hundreds of thousands of students across the UK are celebrating after receiving their GCSE results.

Figures show there were more than five million entries in GCSEs in England this year, up 0.9% on last year, despite a decrease in the number of 16-year-olds in the population.

Following on from the introduction of reformed maths and English GCSEs last year, these pupils were the first to take new, more rigorous GCSE exams in 20 subjects, graded 9 to 1.

Across all subjects, there has been a rise in the overall proportion of students reaching the pass levels – 66.6% achieved a 4 (or C grade equivalent) compared to 66.4% the previous year.

Students studying STEM subjects in England have also seen positive results:

  • entries by 16-year-olds into individual sciences have increased – 22.8% in biology, 19.2% in chemistry and 17.6% in physics
  • entries to computing among 16-year-olds have risen by 10.8%
  • entries and attainment in mathematics are broadly stable among 16-year-olds, with 71% of entries getting a grade 4 or above (up from 70.7% last year)
  • attainment in design and technology has increased, with 61.2% of students receiving grade 4 (or C equivalent), compared to 60.8% the previous year

The full set of results can be found on JCQ’s website.

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