Awards and activities to promote food science

Written by Julie Messenger

If you are looking to increase your student’s food science investigation skills, why not take a look at doing a CREST Award?

The British Science Association’s Creativity in Science and Technology (CREST) Awards provide resources and easy to pick up activities, suitable for both the curriculum and extra-curricular clubs.  

The secondary school awards are available at four levels, discovery (KS3), bronze (KS3), silver (KS4) and gold (KS5), with each level rewarding students for their work with a personalised certificate. Find out more about choosing the best award for your students here.

The CREST Award scheme has some great readymade food science activities available online, for example:

Maybe you have an idea for an activity of your own? Why not contact your local CREST coordinator to find out if you can make it CREST certificated. 

How are the awards assessed?

Once your students have completed their activity, they will need to record their findings and present what they have learned. Each award has its own assessment procedure, with silver and gold awards needing to be assessed by a CREST representative. To receive the certificate and complete the award, there is a small fee per student – however, access to the assessment framework is available for free.

Why use CREST Awards?

CREST Awards are a fantastic way to promote science in your subject, demonstrating to students, parents, management teams and governors, how important food science is to food lessons.

Completing a CREST Award will allow you to promote what your students have achieved, after all, who is going to know what has been achieved unless you and the students shout about it!

Linking CREST Awards to food science:

  1. Arrange a small presentation or celebration event where the certificates are presented and involve parents, the Head Teacher, and Chair of Governors in presenting the awards.
  2. Ask your students to present their experienced to your management team, this could even form part of their award assessment.
  3. Photograph the students at work completing the practical and theoretical elements of the CREST Award food scientific experiment and create a school display for open evening or the classroom.
  4. Write an article for the school’s website/newsletter, celebrating the scientific achievements of your students.  

CREST Awards are a great way of raising the profile of food science in your school. It will help colleagues and pupils to understand the changes that have occurred within the food curriculum in schools and maybe it could even start to build that important bridge between you and your science department. 

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