30 great ideas for 30 years of CREST Awards

This year, the British Science Association (BSA) is celebrating 30 years since the CREST Award programme was created.

CREST Awards gives pupils of all ages the opportunity to take part in hands-on science enrichment activities.

There are five different awards levels, allowing students to progress through the scheme throughout their education.

The levels are:

  • Star Award
  • Discovery Award
  • Bronze Award
  • Silver Award
  • Gold Award

In thirty years, more than 400,000 students have been rewarded for their project work. But it doesn’t stop there - CREST Awards are continuing to grow in popularity, and every year more than 30,000 young people are achieving awards.

To celebrate the continuing success of CREST, the BSA will be hosting a variety of celebrations throughout this academic year, including special events and activities.

To kick-start this year of celebrations, the BSA has published 30 inspirational ideas that can be used in a range of lessons across science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Whether you’re looking to use more technology in your lessons, take learning outside of the classroom or interact more with research, take a look at these activities and project ideas to inspire and engage students with all areas of the curriculum.  

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