Impact Toolkit

What is the CPD Impact Toolkit?

The toolkit provides a platform for you to reflect on your CPD, plan how you will action what you learn, assess and evidence the impact of the CPD and embed and share best practice. It is a series of steps that mirror the principles of effective CPD and effective evaluation, in order to help you get the most out of your CPD and make the biggest impact possible back in the classroom.

The Department for Education Standard for teachers’ professional development recommends providers make tools available to capture what participants think in advance, and then help those participants reflect, change their practice, and self-evaluate. At STEM Learning we have been using this methodology for more than ten years.

Why use the CPD Impact Toolkit?

The toolkit helps you to:

  • start a professional journey – it contributes to the evidence you need for your own performance management process
  • develop a personal and departmental action plan – kickstart the action planning process and demonstrate impact towards school, college or department priorities
  • support the cascade of best practice – embed the learning and support colleagues through sharing best practice in department, school or college meetings
  • focus your lesson planning – to achieve better outcomes for your pupils or students
  • highlight future development needs – by contributing to the dialogue with line managers or senior leaders about your progress and impact
  • create a framework for coaching and mentoring – focus coaching or mentoring conversations with peers or senior management team

How you can use the CPD Impact Toolkit

You will be sent an email with a link to each step and you will do the whole thing online. We’ll help you think about not only your action but how to collect evidence of how the changes you make impact you, your colleagues and your students.

When you have completed the toolkit you’ll be able to download your plans and use them to support your professional development journey.

To log on to your impact toolkit please go to and sign in with the same details that you log into the website with.