Definition of 'technician' in higher education: a suggestion

The definition of 'technician' across Higher Education (HE) has been ambiguous, varied and leads to misunderstanding within organisations, especially when identifying the workforce by human resources.Importantly, it can lead to a lack of technician community identity, recognition and cohesion. The Technician Commitment initiative has become a...

HEaTED attends S-Lab conference

On 8-9 May 2017, Dr Katherine Forsey, HEaTED Membership and Networks Manager, attended the S-Lab conference.Held at York Racecourse, the S-Lab conference focused on the sustainable design and management of laboratory environments. Key note presentations and hundreds of sessions took place over these two days.Several representatives from HEaTED...

Are we as staff development practitioners fit for the future?

This is the question that will be explored at the SDF National Conference 2016.Taking place on 9-10 November 2016, and organised by the Staff Development Forum, this conference will concentrate on the impact that learning and development is having already and will identify what impact this can have in the future.Throughout this conference, there...

New provider joins HEaTED

100% Effective is a Business Improvement consultancy and training provider. Their aim is to work hard to make you more productive, efficient and profitable. The aim is to remove the waste from existing ways of working, so people can deliver the same amount of work in less time. This frees up additional time to spend on skilled or specialist tasks...

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