Attend a placement

ENTHUSE Placements (formerly STEM Insight) provide a unique opportunity for education staff to experience life in a cutting-edge industry or university. Learn about the wide range of jobs open to students and the vocational and academic STEM routes available.

"Before the programme, I didn't feel I had sufficient knowledge of STEM careers to talk with confidence. Now I am equipped with up-to-date knowledge, real examples and experiences as well as strong industry links that can benefit the whole school. I believe this makes me a more effective and inspiring teacher."

- Insight into industry placement - Alice Kupara, subject leader of ICT and computer science

Benefits of going on an ENTHUSE Placement

A graphic showing the benefits of going on a STEM Insight placement. Benefits include increased understanding of STEM jobs and careers and improved subject and pedagogical understanding

Impact on teachers and career leads

  • professionally life-changing, increased enthusiasm, motivation and confidence
  • better informed to offer advice and guidance on potential career choices
  • post-placement online and face-to-face CPD to help turn your experience into effective action

Impact on schools or colleges

  • career awareness embedded into STEM teaching and enhanced careers provision
  • greater understanding of apprenticeships and their value
  • motivational STEM teaching enriched with real-world context and examples

What do placements involve?

  • Insight into industry

    Learn how all the parts of the business work, what roles and skills are needed, the breadth of career possibilities and the variety of routes into jobs, particularly technical paths and apprenticeships.

    Insight into university

    Learn about the rapidly evolving and increasingly inter-disciplinary courses available, the breadth of opportunities for study and research, the roles and skills needed, and the variety of career paths beyond. Use this insight to inspire students and better prepare them for Higher Education.


Please note: our map of placements has been temporarily taken down for maintenance. It will be back shortly with our updated list of hosts. Apologies for any inconvenience.