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Science Made Simple

From the moment you leave the starting blocks, your sporting ability can be affected by science.

How do people balance, and what makes them fall over? What happens when a ball bounces, and why do balls have different surfaces? How is friction useful in sport and how do we use science to protect us from injury?

Watch plastic cups loop-the loop, and try to spot the trick in the game of crazy cricket. Dare you sit on a seat of nails? How fast is your reaction time? This exciting and interactive show uses lots of audience involvement to make you think about sport as you never have before. Be prepared to limber up and join in for this show with lots of audience involvement.


45 or 60 minute versions available

Suggested audiences

7-11 year olds

Families or mixed age groups

Festivals and events

We will need the venue to provide

Power sockets

Projector screen

Two long tables


"...everyone praised your genuine and infectious enthusiasm for science..." Assistant Head Teacher


Curriculum Links

Key Stage 2

  • Gravity pulls objects towards the Earth
  • Friction and air resistance slow things down or stops them from moving
Expected outcomes

Key Stage 2

After watching the show Key stage 2 pupils should:

  • Understand that science can help us to play sports better and safer
  • Recognise that the position of centre of gravity is crucial for stability
  • Understand that objects can be be made to rotate faster or slower by changing their distance from the centre of rotation
  • Know that solids transmit forces
  • Understand that impacts can be reduced by spreading them over time, distance or area
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Science Made Simple

Science Made Simple
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