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Wildside Nature

Wildside Nature offer workshops and projects to all stages of learners, designed to bring real life science and nature experiences into and out of the classroom.  Donald Malone is a zoologist and explorer with a worldwide experience of research into animals, birds and ecosystems.  Through his passion for the environment and the living world, he aims to deliver exciting and dynamic workshops which inspire young and future scientists! Learn more about Donald and his workshops.

Expected outcomes

Enhanced understanding of and engagement in the natural world around us is at the heart of what we do.  Specific learning outcomes vary depending on choice of topic and workshop but you can expect for learners to have an active and engaging experience learning about animals, their behaviours, habitats and the challenges and threats they face.   We aim to learn outdoors as much as possible and to give pupils a hands on experience with the chance to explore a range of interesting artefacts! 

A full overview of workshops is available in the attached document and we can adapt our workshops to offer any topics or themes of your choice.  



To book this activity, please contact:
Donald Malone

11 Kirkhill Drive
Edinburgh, City of
EH16 5DH
United Kingdom

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