Wild Planet Explorers & The 3P Pledge

Wild Planet Explorers

Wild Planet Explorers was founded by Joanna McFarlane to inspire future biologists & conservationists & to encourage children to find out more about animals & their habitats & to take action to save nature.

Joanna McFarlane is a qualified biologist & conservationist. 

Wild Planet Explorers sessions & presentations are designed for 3-18 year olds. They can be delivered & tailored for different age groups & classes.

Sessions for 3-8 year old's are fun educational & interactive & share amazing biology & conservation facts about animals using props, imaginative play, games & music. Wild Planet Explorers sessions are designed so learning is fun & to make it as easy as possible for children to remember the scientific facts. 3-8 year olds can also complete the 3P Pledge Champion Award.

Joanna also delivers a "Biology, Habitats & Conservation" presentation for 8-18yrs to introduce them to & encourage them to consider studying biology & understand the difference they can make now & in the future as biologists & conservationists. This can be tailored to also include interactive sections for the younger of this age range. 8-18yr olds can complete the 3P Pledge Champion Award.

Joanna can also come in during your World of Work week or Career related school, nursery or group topics to talk to the children about being a biologist or conservationist &/or why she ended up setting up her new business Wild Planet Explorers. This can also be delivered with the 3P Pledge Champion Award. 

Wild Planet Explorers is a provider for STEM & delivers for Curriculum for Excellence across all topics but in particular, Science - Planet Earth, Biodiversity & Interdependence & Topical Issues & Social Studies - People, Place & Environment.

For those schools, groups & nurseries wishing to take part in the 3P Pledge Champion Award: The 3P Pledge is a Wild Planet Explorers community initiative to encourage all households to only throw the 3P's (pee, poo, paper) down the toilet to address the build up of toilet waste locally in rivers, beaches & seas as part of the wider issue of marine plastic pollution. The 3P Pledge Champion Award is delivered together with the 3 marine sessions - Orsom the Octopus, Cassius the Crab & Deepa the Dolphin for 3-8 year olds or via the Biology, Habitat & Conservation presentation for 8-18 year olds. 

For testimonials please visit the www.wildplanetexplorers.co.uk/testimonials or visit the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/wildplanetexplorers/ or contact joannamcfarlane@wildplanetexplorers.co.uk

Expected outcomes

Wild Planet Explorers sessions are designed to inspire children about the amazing lives of animals & to introduce the subject of biology, biologists, habitats & conservation to them. Children will leave with an understanding of not only an animal's biology & the conservation issues they face but what active role they & their families can take to help an animal & its habitat. They will also learn how animals & humans are inextricably linked through food chains & habitats & why the action they take is not just important for wildlife but also for us. The 3P Pledge Champion Award encourages children to take action for nature, take responsibility for the issue of toilet waste in our seas & encourages them to speak to others about taking action - effectively learning about campaigning. Wild Planet Explorers believes that learning about science should be fun & engaging so that children are left inspired wanting to become a biologist or a scientist & knowing that they, individually, can make a real difference to the world around them.

For testimonials please visit the www.wildplanetexplorers.co.uk/testimonials or visit the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/wildplanetexplorers/ or contact joannamcfarlane@wildplanetexplorers.co.uk.

To book this activity, please contact:
Joanna McFarlane

2 Main Road
KY11 3ED Dunfermline Fife

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