Virtual Reality Experience Day

Ark ICT Solutions

If you’re looking to take your pupils to another world, then our Virtual Reality Headsets can offer the opportunity for a field trip with a difference. Whether you want to walk on the moon or experience a trip to mars, immerse the pupils in habitats under the sea, the rainforest or even the arctic, stand on top of an active volcano, or place yourself in the middle of the trenches of the World War, these headsets can take you there.


At Ark ICT, we have a set of 32 headsets can be used in classrooms to offer an immersive experience to enhance the curriculum. All pupils can be transported together to another world, with fully 360-degree photos and videos relating to what they are studying!



Expected outcomes
  • Enhance your curriculum coverage
  • Offer the next best thing for first-hand experiences of unachievable topics
  • Boost engagement in abstract topics
To book this activity, please contact:
Rachel Vidler

Unit 6 Venture Court
PE11 3JG
United Kingdom

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