Technology for Fun STEM workshops

Technology for Fun

In-school visit

Inspire and enthuse your pupils about STEM whilst linking to learning objectives from the KS2 curriculum. Select from the following workshops:

Fan boats workshop

Design, build, test and improve your very own electric fan boat, whilst learning about electricity, materials, forces and D&T. Up to 30 pupils working individually, or a training session for teachers.

Vibrating brush monsters workshop

Design, build, test and decorate your very own vibrating brush monster, whilst learning about electric circuits, forces and D&T. Up to 30 pupils working individually, or a training session for teachers.

Crumble controller workshop – lighthouse and coloured spinner

Learn how to connect up and program a Crumble controller. Build a model lighthouse, and programme it to flash and come on in the dark. Design and make a coloured spinner and control it to rotate forwards and backwards at different speeds. Up to 30 pupils working in groups of three, or a training session for teachers. Learn to write programs to monitor and control your products (including sequence, selection and repetition and working with variables and different forms of input and output).  

The school gets to keep the materials to re-use with future classes.

Other workshops, e.g. balloon buggies, CD racers, sailing boats

Design, build and test your own working models whilst linking to forces, materials and D&T learning objectives. One class in the morning and another in the afternoon, or a training session for teachers covering a selection of activities. Children (or teachers) get to keep their models.    

In order to encourage environmental awareness and responsibility, pupils may wish to bring in recycled materials such as plastic bottles, bottle lids, juice cartons, old CDs and polystyrene foam packaging to use in their models.

Expected outcomes

Pupils will be engaged and enthused about STEM. They will apply their understanding and practical skills in science, D&T and computing to create actual working models, and relate what they learn to applications in the real world. This will help them to see the relevance of what they learn at school, and may encourage them to consider STEM as a possible career direction.

To book this activity, please contact:
Caroline Alliston
01453 842849

BS91RS Bristol

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