Team Tim


Team Tim, a hugely entertaining and interactive science show invites primary school audiences to help British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake train for his next space mission! Help Tim to keep fit, do quick calculations, conduct science experiments, grow space plants, launch small satellites, and perform a thrilling space walk to fix an ageing electrical circuit! Featuring a “live” satellite link with the real Tim Peake and full of fun, learning and visual effects, Team Tim is an unforgettable interactive experience for primary school and family audiences that will delight and inspire.

Suitable for: R - Y6

Length of show: 1 hour 

Audience size: up to approx 180 pupils



Expected outcomes

Links to key stage 1&2 Science and computing


To book this activity, please contact:
Joanne Fox
07870 892021

136 St Stephens Road
CT27JS Canterbury Kent

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