Team Moon


Team Moon is the story of the people that worked together to make the Apollo Moon landings a success.

In this 50th anniversary year, join in this exciting, interactive show and learn about the tireless work of the engineers, scientists, programmers, technicians and astronauts whose creativity, dedication, bravery, successes, failures, frustrations and incredible inventions were brought together to achieve the near impossible!

Suitable for years R to Y6

Length: 55 minutes

Set up time: 45 minutes

Audience size: up to approx. 180 pupils

Expected outcomes

Historical context of the Apollo Moon Landings, Neil Armstrong and the Space Race.

Careers: Discover how the 400,000 engineers, scientists, programmers, mathematicians, technicians and astronauts worked together to achieve this amazing feat.

Earth, Moon, orbits.

The important role significant women such as Maragaret Hamilton played in early space missions.


To book this activity, please contact:
Joanne Fox
07870 892021

136 St Stephens Road
CT27JS Canterbury Kent

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