Supertasters tears apart food, nutrition and multisensory perception using explosions, laughter, screaming and some very weird flavours including the world's fartiest foods and edible insects.

Using specially-developed demos, strange props, mass audience participation, music and videos, Supertasters explores physics, the EM spectrum, thermodynamics, digestion, olfaction, energy conversion and biochemistry, whilst searching for supertasters in the audience and firing smells across the auditorium using flavour-filled vortex canons. Depending on the audience, there's also eyeball dissection, cutting-edge food chemistry and lots of samples to eat.

The show comes in various forms and sizes depending on venue and budget. For arenas and large auditoriums we have huge props, inflatables and huge explosions. For smaller venues we have smaller kit, less devastating explosions and more tasting opportunities!

Gastronaut create world-class science stage shows for schools as well as high-profile clients including the BBC, Wellcome Trust, Eden Project, The Royal Society, Big Bang Fair (UK’s biggest science fair), the Science Museum, Abu Dhabi Science Festival and dozens more science festivals, broadcasters and corporations.

In 2018 our shows had total audiences of 155,000. We specialise in high production value, high-energy shows with audience interaction, on-stage volunteers and whole-audience demos. We use rockets, robots, explosions, multimedia, edible chemical reactions, video clips and unusual props to make the experience engaging and educational. The team is headed by BBC writer/presenter Stefan Gates and all shows are highly structured, funny and challenging, yet rigorously fact-checked and meticulously risk assessed.

To book this activity, please contact:
Jan Croxson
020 3542 1367

43 Petherton Rd
N5 2QX London

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