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Sublime Science

The Sublime Science School Workshop is Dragons Den Approved, Queen's Award Winning and Slimetastically Guaranteed to be Awesome. Don't Miss Out - Check Now

When you book Sublime Science Workshops for your school I 110% Guarantee there will be no mess, stress or hassles and the children will have a phenomenal experience where they discover just how fun science can be..

What Do Primary School Teachers Think Of Our Science Workshops?

After more than 10,000 Spectacular Sublime Science Workshops (and counting!) we've got the experience to educate and enthral but we'll save you the sales pitch...

"The children were totally engaged by the variety of science experiments, brilliantly delivered in a lively, entertaining and educational way. 10 out of 10! I have and will be recommending Sublime Science" - Simon Langley, Teacher, Battling Brook Primary School

Not only have we worked alongside the British Science Association, National Science Museum, Museum Of Childhood as well as countless schools up and down the country but we've even taken on the Dragons!

Even the Dragons Love Sublime Science:
Mad Marc fired smoke rings at the Dragons and then made slime in the Den and walked out with two (incredible!) investors to help make science awesome for children across the country.

Royal Recognition:
It's not just teachers and pupils that love Sublime Science Workshops. Her Majesty the Queen recognised Sublime Science with a Queen's Award for Innovation.

Was That a Typo? - What's This 110% Guarantee All About?

You know we've mesmerised hundreds of thousands of children across the country with our unique blend of science education but I want you to KNOW that we're going to deliver - so you can book in absolute confidence!

That's Why I Offer The Unique 110% Slimetastic Guarantee!

I guarantee that the children will have a fantastic time, get excited about science & discover how much fun science can be or I'll refund 110% of the money you paid!

That's every single penny you invested in the workshops plus an extra 10% just to say sorry for coming up short!

I'm so confident in our science workshops and want to inspire as many children as possible so you can book an incredible educational experience for the children entirely at our risk!

What's The Catch?
After more than 10,000 incredible science experiences and having the pleasure of working with several hundred thousand children we do book up fast!

We'd love to be able to help everyone but of course we can't! Please don't miss out & pop your details in the form below and one of my team will get right back to you with pricing, availability and all the info you need - 110 % Guaranteed!

WARNING: Availability Is Strictly Limited - Check Now!

Pop in your details in the form below or give one of our helpful team a call on 0845 508 5387 or 0116 380 0750 - we'd love to help out if we possibly can!

Expected outcomes

Your pupils will be inspired to discover how awesome science can be.

They'll also learn about the scientific method and we can tailor what we do so that we support the part of the national curriculum that's perfect for you. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Marc Wileman
0116 380 0750

The Sublime Science Lab (Unit4)
Fernleigh Business Park
LE19 4AQ Leicester Leicestershire

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