STEMdrones: Drone Coding Workshop

Hyett Education

Students taking part in our Drone Coding workshop will learn to code the flight patterns of their drones using block programming or Swift coding language (used to develop apps on iPhone and iPad). They'll provide algorithmic instructions to their drone to make it take-off, land, do flips and somersaults, as well as navigate different altitudes and distances to make its way safely around a course.

As part of the session students will learn about the principles of flight and will develop an understanding of how physics plays its part in enabling drones and other aircraft to take flight. They'll then get to see and feel some of these principles in action whilst flying their drones.

Students will record their code on worksheets as they learn how to code and operate their drones through a variety of tutorials and they apply their skills and new learning to open-ended team challenges.

These sessions require a minimum session of 2 hours but for best experience we recommend a full day workshop. We can cater for up to 60 students per day and require a large open indoor space.

We provide a risk assessment and worksheets as part of the workshop, and ensure all students and teachers wear safety goggles/glasses. We also setup netting around a safe zone and have strict safety rules to ensure a safe and fun day for all students.

Expected outcomes

This workshop is accessible to students with zero experience of coding using block coding or Swift. Tutorials guide the students through each stage step-by-step and tasks increase in difficulty as they progress.

By the end of the session, students will have coded their drone to carry out a range of simple tasks, and combine a sequence of simple tasks to create routines. Students coding confidence will increase and every single child will achieve in this session.

To book this activity, please contact:
Antony Hyett

5 Brook Close
WV9 5DS Wolverhampton South Staffordshire

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