Sphero Robotics STEM Challenge Workshops

Ark ICT Solutions

Wanting to combine lots of different STEM objectives in one session? Why not try our Sphero Robotics Challenges:

  • Using computing skills and mathematical calculations, can you program our robots to travel round a maze?
  • Have you got an engineering flair to create a bridge for our robots to travel across?
  • Take your science knowledge and apply it to the water challenge, using our robot to keep objects afloat
  • Test your technology and design skills to create a shell for out robots in the ultimate robot wars challenge.

We have 15 Sphero Bolt robots that we can take into schools to work with classes. Our challenges are designed to test and challenge pupils’ problems solving skills, communication and teamwork throughout the sessions. The engaging, and often messy, sessions are a hit with pupils!

Expected outcomes
  • Learn about algorithms and debugging
  • Work on pupils’ problem solving skills
  • Pupils’ communication and collaboration
  • Pupils’ teamwork
To book this activity, please contact:
Rachel Vidler

Unit 6 Venture Court
PE11 3JG
United Kingdom

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