Sphere Science Shows

Sphere Science

We run Science Shows outside with social distancing.  The shows are full of surprising scientific tricks and the pupils discuss the science of how the tricks work. 

'Many thanks for today’s fantastic shows; I found them tremendously enjoyable!' Lapworth Museum.

'Thank you very much for coming in yesterday - the children have really been enthused by the workshops! Several children in my class came in with rotating straws and with very in depth explanations of how some of the tricks worked. ' Primrose Hill Primary School


Expected outcomes

Pupils have a chance to explore their understanding of science and improve their scientific thinking. 

Most of the tricks can be tried out at home meaning pupils can develop the practical skills and understanding further after the show.

To book this activity, please contact:
Sarah Sisson
07887 526260

In School
Fantail Lane
HP23 4EN Tring

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