Space Store Careers Activity

Space Store

This activity is suitable for up to 24 students per session.

During our 45/50 minute activity, students will hear about Space Store as a start-up organisation, the team behind Space Store, our history and vision for the future. We'll provide an overview of our organisation and the different roles that each person has within the company and the support they have provided to bring Space Store to proof of concept stage.

We focus specifically on our work experience student who now works for the store as our social media expert. The students will receive a brief overview of the space sector the application of data collected in space in everyday life, watch a video from one of our colleagues working within the space industry, website information about the careers linked to the industry and where to go to find out more information about careers as well as take part in a short quiz. Students will then join in a hands-on augmented reality activity, which links to a quiz.

This workshop would be delivered as a carousel of activities during a theme day, or collapsed curriculum day where the students are taking part in other activities. ​This outline allows for the delivery to be repeated up to four activities during a day. Speak to us if you have additional requirements.

Expected outcomes

Students will hear about the broad range of careers within the industry, whilst learning about the Solar System, shuttles and International Space Station during the session. 

Our aim is to excite students about the avenues into the industry and to highlight that these may not be via the traditional university route. 

Students will also understand more about the applications that they use every day and their reliance on space data!

To book this activity, please contact:
Abigail Richings
01235 812400

45 Orchard Street
Orchard Centre
OX11 7LG Didcot Oxon

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