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Natural Selection Learning

From bones and bugs to fossils and taxidermy, Natural Selection Learning uses real natural history specimens for hands-on science workshops. Workshops are 90 minutes and themes include;

Key Stage 1
Marvellous Minibeasts and Where to Find Them  
Discover more about habitats and the insects and other minibeasts who live there. Sketch huge rainforest bugs, examine the structure of real butterfly wings under pocket microscopes, complete the life cycles and identify micro-habitats for some garden creepy crawlies, using our bespoke picture mat! 

Key Stage 2
​Marvellous Minibeasts and Where to Find Them  
How is the giant jungle nymph stick insect adapted to life in the trees? Which arachnid glows under UV light? Find out in our Marvellous Minibeasts workshop for KS2 which explores the adaptations, classification and life cycles of invertebrates from local and exotic habitats. 

Insides Out (Skeletons)
A great hook for the start of a topic, or a way to consolidate learning, this workshop helps your class discover more about skeletons with lots of real bones and other objects to handle. Develop observational drawing skills by sketching real animal skulls, construct a full size replica human skeleton, and explore what it means to be an invertebrate by sorting stoats and shrews from spiders and stick insects! 

End of summer term re-cap workshops for year 6
Looking for a fun way to finish the school year? For July only, we offer science re-cap sessions for year 6 classes, covering lots of topics from across the KS2 Curriculum. We’ll bring plenty of objects and specimens to handle as well as activities linked to skeletons, rocks, fossils, keys, food chains, and classification! 

KS2 science Clubs
Investigating Owl Pellets
Real, hands-on natural science! Using real owl pellets and equipment, pupils investigate owl diets by identifying the bones that they find. This workshop can be tailored to focus on a particular theme such as food chains, bones or adaptation. 

Please get in touch if you'd more information on the above workshops or would like to discuss how NSL can support your class's topic.

Shorter workshops
For both KS1 and KS2 we can provide a shorter session (45 minutes) to introduce a topic. These are ideal if budget or time is tight. Themes could include the human skeleton, classification, once alive or never alive, fossils as evidence, using keys or rainforest insects. 




Expected outcomes

Outcomes vary. Sessions plans are avaialble and provide further details. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Gemma Waters
07889 933948

20 Lawn Drive
Locks Heath
SO31 6TW Southampton Hants

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