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Dr Liz Surry has had a long academic career studying the biological processes that make the heart work whilst Dom has worked on medicines development.  Between them, they have over 40 years laboratory experience which they love to share in engaging and memorable ways.  So our science days aren’t ‘mad’ or ‘whacky’ they are real !

Children conducting experiments, testing, recording and learning is all part of developing scientists of the future.  Our super engaging, sometimes messy, experiments using real lab equipment, drives learners to discover things for themselves and develop a desire to learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). From developing personal hygiene, using good microbes to understanding the passage of medicines in and out of the body, adds something new to your science curriculum couldn’t be easier.

Our workshops are versatile, engaging and all link the curriculum and fulfil OFSTED criteria.  Choose from Microbes - Buddies or Bullies, Small and Deadly, Marvelous Medicines, Colourific Concoctions, Dynamic Digestion and Youth First Aid.

Expected outcomes

Working Scientifically: Learning through first hand practical experiments. Using equipment to perform simple tests, make observations,
identifying and classifying, measuring, using observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.

Science Topics: (dependent on year group) The needs of animals and humans and the structure of their bodies. The importance of certain foods, and hygiene. Habitats and micro habitats. Microbe involvement in human digestion, plant decomposition. Classification of microbes and their life cycle and reproduction.

Maths: Measure and record lengths and heights, mass/weight, volume and time. Use appropriate units.

Literacy: Working in groups,use spoken language for speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas. Using correct technical language.

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Dominic Surry

Skill Supply Ltd
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United Kingdom

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