Science Communicators: secondary working with primary

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SPLATS = Students Presenting Learning And Teaching Science.


Secondary students present a series of science activities to primary pupils. This project brings together secondary schools and their local primary schools to enjoy an exciting practical science day. 


The benefits of this project are:

  • secondary students developing confidence in presentation, communication, planning and organisational skills;
  • primary pupils and their teachers enjoying hands-on science activities which develop science enquiry and investigation skills;
  • the pupils meeting secondary staff and students;
  • the secondary school developing closer links with the primary schools. 

Each activity also generates resources for the primary school teachers for follow-up work.


Typical format:


Eighteen sixth-form students present six workshop sessions to six classes of Y5 pupil and their teachers. This would all be hosted on the secondary school site.


Day 1: the students are trained to present science workshops.


Day 2: pupils meet the students and enjoy an action-packed day of workshop sessions.


Variations are possible, for example: 

  • having more than one event day;
  • involving Y9 or Y10 students instead of sixth-formers;
  • involving more secondary students;
  • taking the workshops into local primary schools;
  • involving younger primary pupils.
Expected outcomes

Secondary students develop skills: presentation, communication, teamwork, organisational.

Primary pupils develop how to work and think scientifically.

Primary teachers inspired in how to deliver practical science.

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