Science Camp UK

Science Camp UK

Do you need to provide a little WOW factor to your science provision? Science Camp UK is the perfect partner to help. 

What sets Science Camp UK apart from other providers? Other providers employ actors to deliver their sessions. At Science Camp UK, we only use experienced primary teachers to design and deliver our sessions.  We don't provide off the shelf, generic days. We aim to give you a bespoke, meaningful experience that will inspire science in your school for years to come. Using our extensive experience of working as primary teachers as well as being qualified scientists, we are able to use this knowledge to work with schools to provide a truly unique learning experience for your school. Whether you want to supplement a certain topic, target a specific year group or key stage or even just provide a science themed day, we here at Science Camp UK are the perfect people to help. Having also worked as science co-ordinators in primary schools, we are able to offer CPD packages to schools.

Expected outcomes

We aim to provide a fun filled day of science based education and entertainment. Children will finish the day having developed a fascination and love for science and enquiry. We aim to give children the tools to critically think and ask the most important question (in our opinion), "Why?". We intend that the learning does not stop after the day is finished. By giving children this experience, we aim for children to carry on these lessons in their day to day science lessons.

To book this activity, please contact:
Richard Coutlhard

5 Boroughbridge Road
DL7 8AX Northallerton North Yorkshire

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