Sci-High CSI Forensic Science Events

Sci-High Science Events

We provide exciting CSI Whodunit Forensic Science events for enhancement and to support curricular forensic science. They can be tailored for all year groups in primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges. We show forensic science all the way from the crime scene to the courtroom. Students examine the crime scene as Scene of Crime Officers in full kit of white coverall suits, masks, gloves and overshoes to locate and retrieve the evidence. They carry out a lot of forensic practical - that available includes fingerprints, DNA profiles, shoemarks, ink chromatography, document comparison, physical fits, blood patterns, weapon, mobile phone records, corneal imaging, paint and fibres. There is also police role-play and a role-play courtroom trial with students as judge, barrister, accused, forensic witness and usher.

We provide special events for BTEC L3 including a specially-produced workbook.

Presented by degree-qualified professionals with excellent communication skills, the events have highly engaging whodunit storylines, lots of real-world forensics showing what crime investigation is really like - and loads of fun!

Expected outcomes

Students enthused with science by seeing the power of science in the criminal justice system

Students' knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and IT boosted

Better understanding of how literacy, numeracy and communication skills are required in professional scientific occupations

Understanding of the need for ideas and creativity in science

Experience of the value of teamworking when carrying out a critical task

Knowledge of scientific careers in crime investigation

To book this activity, please contact:
Jon Bates

Century Business Park Manvers
S63 5DA Rotherham South Yorks

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