RSPB Cymru Connection to Nature Outreach Sessions in Cardiff


Six curriculum-linked 60 - 90 minute workshops to choose from; all delivered by trained RSPB educators.
Every workshop involves at least 30 minutes of outdoor discovery, allowing your pupils to experience the natural world first-hand. You’ll get to see how beneficial learning outside the classroom is for the health, wellbeing and attainment levels of your pupils and the good news is you don’t need transport to get there!  Don’t worry if you think your grounds have nothing to offer nature – we’re here to help you find the biodiversity on your doorstep. 


Chwech sesiwn 60- 90 munud wedi’u cysylltu â’r cwricwlwm, pob un wedi eu addysgu gan addysgwyr RSPB
Mae bob sesiwn yn cynnwys oleuaf 30 munud o ddarganfod tu allan ac yn rhoi’r cyfle i ddisgyblion i gael brofiad o’r byd naturiol. Medrwch weld pa mor hawdd yw addysgu yn yr awyr agored a ba mor werthfawr ydy’r profiad i’r dysgwyr. Peidiwch a phoeni os nad ydych yn meddwl bod tir eich Ysgol yn darparu am natur – rydym yma i’ch helpu i ddod ag amrywiaeth o natur i’ch buarth.


Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes include;

- Identified a range of wildlife

- Identified and explored a variety of habitats

- Created a resource that can be used as a stimulus for retelling the journey


Rhai o'r canlyniadau disgwylir;

- Adnabod ystod o fywyd gwyllt

- Adnabod ac archwilio amrywiaeth o gynefinoedd

- Creu adnodd a ellir ei ddefnyddio fel symbyliad ar gyfer ailadrodd y siwrnai



To book this activity, please contact:
Sarah Mitchell

Wales Headquarters Castlebridge 3
5-19 Cowbridge Road East
CF11 9AB Cardiff

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