Robotics & Coding Day Camp

Inspired Minds

Join us for a 5 hour adventure to Mars.
Repair and hack broken robots, complete challenging coding missions and save humanity, all in one action-packed day!

A Space to Explore
Our participants become mini engineers, devising and programming the robots of the future to save civilization!
We incorporate visual art, games and competitions into real science, transforming the learning experience into an adventure.
The children work at their own pace, while supported and encouraged by our expert workshop leaders with a ratio of no more than 1:5.

A Space to Create
There are no worksheets, no waiting for a turn, just the joy of tearing down and rebuilding robots while on a mission to save civilization!
Whether your child is passionate about coding, space or getting their hands covered in paint there is something for everyone to enjoy at Inspired Minds.

Join us on our next mission!

Expected outcomes

We can cater to your specific needs and the level of the children's knowledge.

To book this activity, please contact:
Frank Ivins
020 8935 5751

College Park School
1 Garway Road
W2 4PH London London

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