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Outdoor spaces provide wonderful opportunities to explore how numbers and shapes create both the built and natural worlds. So our engaging (and very active!) Outdoor Maths Trail, which feature a range of tried and tested al fresco activities, bring home the relevance of numeracy to our everyday lives – and provide lots of scope for problem-solving too, perfect for Learning Outside the Classroom!

Expected outcomes

You can choose to buy a day of Outdoor Maths workshops which will see us deliver a number of age-differentiated workshops with children from EYFS - Year 6 / P1 - P7 in your outdoor space. Alternatively, you can buy the Outdoor Maths Trail resource for your school. 

Our Outdoor Maths Trail comprises ten durable, waterproof bags, each containing age-differentiated Outdoor Maths questions, challenges and activities - together with all required resources (plus a Teacher's Guide) - all contained in one easy-to-carry box. Available in formats for both primary and secondary schools, it focuses on a whole range of mathematical areas including additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning number patterns, fractions, percentages, properties of 2D shapes, properties of 3D shapes, money, positional language, multi-stage problem solving and logic problems.

We have developed age-appropriate activities for all year groups from Nursery to Year 6 / P1 - P7, including our specially designed portable Outdoor Maths Trail - allowing us to offer open-air workshops over a whole range of timescales.

To find out more about our Outdoor Maths workshops / and or to buy a Maths Trail please contact us on 0151 708 886 or email us at info@as-creatives.com.

As Creatives is one of the leading providers of creative learning to schools across the UK and beyond. Find out more about what we do at www.ascreatives.com 

To book this activity, please contact:
Jo Stokes
0151 708 8886

As Creatives, Studio B, Baltic Creative Campus, 49
L1 0AH Liverpool Merseyside

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