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Mini Professors

Mini Professors for Primary Schools’ is a science programme that has been designed specifically for early years and Key Stage 1 children

A completely unique experience to offer your school children, Mini Professors gives you and the children a chance to experience real science in a safe environment.

You may not have the resources or the time to prepare a science workshop for your students and this is where we come in. Simply choose from our 9 lesson plans that have been created to cover all aspects of the curriculum, and get in touch with one of our experienced and fully equipped professors to book a science day the children won't forget.

Expected outcomes
  • Life skills - We actively encourage turn taking, socialising, sharing and answering questions.
  • Each Mini Professors session lasts 1 hour and follows a set format so the children know what to expect next. 
  • Giving the children an opportunity to get involved in hands on experiments. 
  • Workshops designed to meet STEAM requirements.​
  • Easy to use curricular grids giving the teachers a visual guide showing how our lessons meet the national curriculum. 
To book this activity, please contact:
Professor Emily & Sophie

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Sp27np Salisbury

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