Maths Matters

Jaguar Land Rover, Wolverhampton


The day is delivered through a number of workshops:

Measurement Mayhem - pupils will be required to put their decision making skills to practice when they choose the correct equipment from a range of our measuring tools and measure accurately realistic engine parts and check accuracy against required tolerances. 

Dotty about Data - A data collection exercise which is completed on their tour of the manufacturing centre, they will be required to present the gathered data and evaluate their findings. 

Team Challenge - A practical problem which challenges pupils to build a working model from 3 different options within a fixed timescale and budget. They will have to calculate the cost of production and make a decision on the correct model to build.

Expected outcomes

Maths Matters provides a unique opportunity to bring your maths curriculum to life and allow your pupils to put their skills into practice during their visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre, Wolverhampton.

To book this activity, please contact:
Claire Scott-Jarvis
01902 315257/254

Jaguar Land Rover
WV9 5GA Wolverhampton

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Claire Scott-Jarvis

"The children and I found the day fantastic, very well organised and enhanced our learning" Year 6 Teacher

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